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Mattress Collection and recycling service

Mattress Recycling was founded in 2011 and has gone from strength to strength. Our managing director, David Garland, has been environmentally conscious for many years now and it was his care of the environment which founded the business. Prior to this venture, David had another business which refurbished and recycled old furniture. As you can see, a passion for the environment has been present in David’s DNA for quite a while.  Since 2011, our mattress collection and recycling service has grown in reputation. Current clients include Ikea, EZ LivingArnotts and Michael Murphy Newbridge.

We are in the process of expanding our recycling plant with demand and reputation growing year on year. Since Mattress Recycling’s first mattress collection, we have saved an estimated 15 tonnes of waste going to landfill sites; this includes springs, steel frames and fabric. Wooden bed bases are also recycled with these used as firewood. With the capacity to recycle 2500 mattress per week, plus the expansion which is underway, Mattress Recycling is gearing up to help Ireland become a greener and more eco-friendly place for future generations.

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David Garland

Managing Director

What we do

At Mattress Recycling, we are striving to make a difference both socially and environmentally. On a social front, we provide employment for the people of Longford and surrounding counties. On an environmental front, we are recycling on average 500 mattresses per week at present, saving tons of material from being sent to a landfill site. Up to 70% of an old mattress can be reused from the springs to the foam to the fabric. We aim to increase this to 2500 per week by the end of 2018.

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