Residential Mattress Collection Service

Residential mattress Recycling & Collection service

Are you looking to change the mattress in your bedroom? We are now offering a residential mattress collection & recycling service;  if you would like your mattress collected and recycled, please fill out the form below and we will return to you within 24 hours. 

Please call Sharlene on 085 737 4899 or  if you have any queries and wish to find out more information. 

Weekly Collections
Work off a strict schedule
Budget Friendly
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    Our Mattress Recycling Process

    Mattress Recycling reuses up to 70% of all mattress elements.

    Steel Springs

    Steel springs are recycled and repurposed for use as roof sheeting.​


    The foam from the mattress is recycled and used as carpet underlay in most cases. ​


    The timber collected is recycled into burning fuel.​


    High grade cotton and fabric is recycled and used in the textile industry. Lower-grade fabric is used for the matting in farmyard machinery. ​

    Residential mattress collection & recycling service

    Reduce waste and recycle your mattress.