Commercial mattress Recycling & Collection service

If you are a business/retailer and are looking for a commercial mattress recycling service, then Mattress Recycling is for you. We focus on avoiding landfills at all costs, instead choosing to recycle and recondition recovered mattresses, reusing as much as 90% of materials. If you are in the hospitality, medical, bedroom furniture or any other business that needs to dispose of mattresses, we can help. We provide a free quotation with every query.

Weekly Collections
Work off a strict schedule
Recycle and recondition
Budget Friendly

We Collect From Your Premises

Rather than you having to come to us, we go to your business and remove your mattresses. All we ask is you make the items accessible.


We avoid landfills at all costs, instead choosing to recycle up to 90% of each mattress collected, from springs to foam to the heavy fabric covering them.

Weekly Collection

Our commercial mattress recycling service collects weekly from Dublin and surrounding counties.

Our Mattress Recycling Process

Mattress Recycling reuses up to 90% of all mattress elements.

Steel Springs

Steel springs are recycled and repurposed for use as roof sheeting.​


The foam from the mattress is recycled and used as carpet underlay in most cases. ​


The timber collected is recycled into burning fuel.​


High grade cotton and fabric is recycled and used in the textile industry. Lower-grade fabric is used for the matting in farmyard machinery. ​

commercial mattress collection & recycling service

Reduce waste and recycle your mattress.